Nick Slater and Kevin Lancaster (Lanx), aka the DrumAttic Twins, have been a leading force in dance music since they first began touring over 20 years ago. Making their name as Shades of Rhythm, they ruled the early nineties rave scene with legendary anthems Sweet Sensation, Sound of Eden, Extasy and Homicide, and performed with the likes of The Prodigy and N-Joi; achievements that set them on course for the highly respected and diverse career that has followed. 

Since rebranding themselves as the DrumAttic Twins in 1997, Nick and Lanx quickly replicated this global notoriety thanks to massive hit tracks Feelin Kinda Strange, Hyperspeed and Twister. They teamed up with the legendary release platform Finger Lickin Records in 1999 and settled quickly into the close-knit world of the breakbeat scene, working alongside global acts such as Plump DJs, Soul of Man and Lee Coombs. Fusing this sound with their house music roots only ever worked in their favour, producing unique tracks that visited several genres including funk, house, hip hop and of course breakbeat, and resulted in two albums (DrumAttical and Hammer and Tongs) and numerous worldwide hit singles. 

Their Dex n FX show saw them tour relentlessly throughout this period, progressing the twins at speed in both technical ability and personal style and whirring global crowds into a frenzy on the way. When Finger Lickin Records ceased releasing in 2009, an old school revival was underway which saw the guys revisit their Shades of Rhythm guise and begin a run of personal appearances at nostalgic house nights around the world. 

Now releasing via Sugarbeat Records, you can expect DrumAttic Twins material to be dominating the download charts from here on in, with a string of releases already set to be unleashed. In their own words, “For us this is the third stage of our career, we have done the rave days, we have done the Finger Lickin thing, now it’s time for the Sugarbeat Era…” Bring it on guys.